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Official Sponsor of the Amateur Astrophotography Ezine.

We build systems to observe and photograph the sky and nature:

the telescopes, radio telescopes and spotting scopes best for quality, design, ease of use, modularity and price.


PrimaLuceLab is born from the passion of two amateur astronomers (Filippo and Omar), with many years of experience in the creation and sale of products for astronomy, radio astronomy and photography. PrimaLuceLab develops new systems assembling different components, all compatible, that permit everybody to discover the Universe and Nature in the most easy way and complete guarantee of results.

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PrimaLuceLab develops new systems in which all components are fully compatible, allowing you to discover the secrets of the Universe and of Nature with ease of use and guaranteed results.




In our laboratory expertise and creativity are at your service to make your imagination become a unique and inimitable experience.




Your every wish is a priority for us: you can contact us calling at +39 0434 507520, writing an email to at support@primalucelab.com or throught social networks. We have lots of products in stock, we guarantee fast deliveries worldwide and we offer different payment method you can choose from (cash, bank transfer, PayPal, credit card, also instalment payments)




We offer a wide range of products selected, tested and guaranteed, always at the best prices. In our center, at the Technology Centre of Pordenone, we have a test area with an observatory where field test our products and innovations.




rsities, museums, planetariums, professionals), to be sure that with our instruments all applications become simple and exciting.


Buying in our website www.primalucelab.com you can choose within a large variety of products and systems that we select, test, guarantee and offer always at the best value-for-money. In addition you will appreciate a reliable and easy purchase experience knowing from the very beginning and in real time the stock availability. The payment system is left to your choice: Pay-pal, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer. In case of doubts or need of help we are happy to assist you by phone (+39-0434-507520) or via mail (support@primalucelab.com). We will be very pleased to help you create the system most suitable to your experience, objectives and budget. We strongly believe that any need of yours is our priority and will reply you with the best promptness.