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Comet 45P

Many clouds, very poor seeing and the comet at 9-12° ALT. This is what was possible: 26 more or less acceptable subframes out of 110. But a clear visible tail disconnecting event, at least something.

(1) 11 x 45sec ATIK 490 color L-filter, RASA 11"/F2.2

(2) 15 x 30 sec ASI 1600 mono L-filter, Hyperstar C14/F1.9

ASA mount, Tenerife 1180 m altitude, 2016-12-29 19:36h - 19:47h UT. FOV about 1 x 1.1 degree.

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Further experimenting with ASI1600. Elefant trunc IC1396. Two hours exposure time with h-Alpha narrow band filter. Parallel exposure:

(1) RASA 11"/F2.2, ATIK 490 color, IDAS V4, 60 x 120 sec

(2) Hyperstar 14"/F1.9, ASI 1600 MC, high speed hAlpha filter, 60x120sec

ASA mount DDM85, full moon, december 2016, Tenerife 1180 m altitude