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1.25" Orion Luminance/IR Cutoff Astrophotography Filter

Designed for use with Orion monochrome imaging cameras or similar monochrome cameras, this filter efficiently blocks ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) wavelengths, which can cause blurring and glare, color abnormalities, and reduced contrast in CCD images from cameras lacking a built-in UV/IR filter. The steep cutoffs below 390nm and above 690nm and the high (typically 97% or better) transmission of visual wavelengths — including the important 656nm H-alpha line — make this an excellent luminance filter for LRGB imaging. Advanced coatings applied to the precision polished optical glass minimize in-band reflections. The 1.25" anodized aluminum cell threads into the nosepiece of the camera or filter wheel. Protective case included.



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