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Orion 1.25" Dark Frame Imaging Filter

Optimize your astrophotos and completely eliminate camera noise and "hot pixels" with this opaque filter. It blocks all light from your camera's imaging sensor, making dark frame acquisition easy.


Pesky camera noise can ruin astrophotos by leaving distracting bright spots and unwanted fixed patterns on your captured exposures. Dark frame acquisition helps remedy such noise and "hot pixels" by canceling out these disruptive effects during image processing. This handy filter ensures your acquired dark frames will be completely free of unwanted stray light and reflections for great results.




Figure 1. M42 close-up - data frame (light frame) showing dark current "noise" and "hot pixels."

Figure 2. M42 close-up - dark frame showing dark current "noise" and "hot pixels."

Figure_2 Figure_3

Figure 3. M42 close-up - calibrated data frame (light frame) after dark frame removal."


Figure 4. M42 close-up - resultant stacked calibrated data frames (light frames) with additional post processing.


Figure 5. M42 Wide Field image -final resultant image.

The 1.25" Dark Frame Imaging Filter is threaded for direct attachment to 1.25" camera nosepieces or 1.25" filter wheels and sliders. When installed in a filter wheel or filter slider accessory, the Orion 1.25" Dark Frame Imaging Filter can be used to automate dark frame capture, saving you valuable time and effort while enhancing image quality.


The included foam-lined plastic case will keep your Dark Frame Imaging Filter safe during transport and storage.



Limited Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for one year from date of purchase. This warranty is for the benefit of the original retail purchaser only. For complete warranty details contact us at 800-676-1343.